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Wendy Ida (pronounced Ee’da) is an internationally recognized Best Selling Author | Speaker | Life Transformation Coach | Fitness Expert | TV Host.

At 65 years young and 2-time Guinness World Record Holder and 8-time award winning National Fitness Champion, Wendy is the creator of the Cease and Replace method™.

She has achieved international recognition and acclaim via commercials, exercise videos, magazines and dozens of other appearances on TV and talk radio such as Dr OZ, CNN, NBC, ABC News, Fox Sports Net, KCAL, B.E.T., KTLA, Essence Magazine and more.

Wendy’s Keynotes, Clinics, Workshops, Seminars & Life Reinvention Retreats have transformed lives around the world.

wendy ida speakingShe is a best-selling author of the books Take Back Your Life, My No-Nonsense Approach to Health, Fitness and Looking Good Naked! and Take Back Your Life the Action Guide! Her book won the literary Indie Award for women’s health.

Wendy has a degree in accounting, but quit her 20-year corporate accounting job as a result of finding her passion in the fitness world. She is a Nationally Certified Fitness Trainer Nutrition Specialist and Life Reinvention Strategist. She has been twice nominated for Who’s Who among Women and also received the award of recognition for Outstanding Educational Community Service from Dr. Charles Adams, Founder and President of the Educational Outreach Community Program. She is also an advocate for programs that help women who have experienced abuse.

Her resume also includes Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the LA Avengers football team, as well as Director of the Obesity Prevention Initiative (OPI) Program, sponsored by USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, Kaiser Permanente, American Bio-Clinical Laboratories and the Real Men Cook Foundation.

wendy ida is a vibrant speaker

Wendy Ida’s promise to you

  • Your audience will have a blast while being both educated and entertained.
  • She provides practical & proven solutions so audiences are not only engaged, but completely transformed
  • Her energy, vitality, and spirit will make your event the talk of the town
  • When it comes to empowerment, motivation, education and inspiration, Wendy delivers every time!
  • She gives your audience the tools to reinvent their lives
  • AND, she shows up early so you don’t stress. Her consistent integrity and reliability mean you can relax knowing you are in the hands of a true professional.
  • Your needs matter most to Wendy! You can expect follow up so she knows how to serve you even BETTER next time.

Why Hire Wendy Ida to speak?
Wendy does something very few speakers do, which is she tailors her presentation just for your needs! She is passionate about helping people break through barriers and achieve their dreams when it comes to improving their health, body and self-esteem. To accomplish this, she provides you with a pre-event questionnaire, examines the unique challenges of your organization, and customizes her presentation and materials to meet the needs of your company or audience.

audiences love wendy ida

Audiences LOVE Wendy Ida
Wendy Ida is the real deal! She’s dynamic, motivating and powerful. She speaks from the heart and creates a transformative experience for everyone she addresses every time she speaks. Her knowledge and expertise set her well above others in her profession. She’s not only personable and relatable, but she effectively translates her message to inspire a crowd to action. Audiences who see her speak all say the same thing, “When can we see you again?” That’s because she’s a change agent who beams love. They can relate to her story, and they want to be just like her! — Wendy shows them that their biggest dreams are within reach, and inspires them to try again, even after repeated failures. She’s the magic bullet, the one person that once audiences encounter her, their lives are changed forever.

Wendy Ida is a dynamic speakerThe best part?
Wendy improves everybody’s bottom line. Your audience receives real time tips, strategies and skills to help them get fit and stay fit at any age. Plus, where people thrive in their health, they make a greater contribution to everything they do. Why? Fitness literally creates energy! So if you want your work force charged up and inspired to give back to your organization, Wendy is the speaker for you.

What else?
The proof is in the pudding! Wendy at 65 has a body and energy most 30-somethings would envy. Wendy Ida has a special talent for inspiring and motivating people to not only achieve their potential, but actually surpass it. Her own personal journey from despair to reinventing herself embodies her mantra that, “It’s never too late to Take Back Your Life!” She is a living example of practicing what she preaches. Your audiences will LOVE her and so will YOU!

Wendy Ida captures an audience's attention

Wendy’s speaking topics include, but not limited to the following:

  • Signature Talk
    Take Back Your Life: 5 Secrets to FINALLY Positioning Yourself to Get EVERYTHING You Desire
    – You will discover the 5 important rules to live by in order to achieve your goals and dreams, and secrets to release your unwanted results once and for all. She reveals how she became an award winning Fitness Champion, Best-selling Author and 2x Guinness World Record Holder at age 62. She gives you the roadmap and exact blueprint that shows how you really CAN have everything you want, at any age!

  • Rock Hard Mind, Body and Sexy
    Wendy reveals how she got where she is today, and shows you what it really takes for you to get the body you want at any age! You really can get that hard body you’ve wished for, and look fabulous naked.

  • Recapture Your Youth, & Restore Your Health
    If you’ve lost your resilience and joie de vivre, and you don’t know where to look, start right here. You will learn the 3 easy and essential steps to jumpstart your health, freedom, youth, relationships and vitality again!

  • Behind the Scenes: The Silent Face of Domestic Violence
    A survivor of Domestic Violence herself, Wendy shares her story and shows you how to recognize the warning signs. She teaches powerful steps to avoid unhealthy patterns, and how to get out for good so you can take back your life!

  • Look Good Naked at Any Age … Really!
    There are silent seductions in our world, that if you fall prey to them, you will lose your power. That loss of power over time can become a dangerous pattern, whether it’s hitting the cookie jar, or quitting on your gym membership. If you dream of loving the skin you’re in, but you feel out of control, learn first hand how to come full circle to gain control of your life and come out looking good naked!

Wendy Ida rivits an audienceSome of Wendy’s Best Clients and Audiences are:

  • Google Inc.
  • California Women’s Conference
  • Circle of Sisters Expo, NY
  • Megafest-TD Jakes, Potters House of Dallas
  • Long Beach Memorial Hospital
  • City of Culver City, CA
  • CEO Space International
  • NAACP IMAGE AWARDS Tea & Fashion show
  • Women’s Information Network (WIN)

Wendy Ida leads workshops and speaks at conferences
What People are Saying…

Dustina Alley“I had the pleasure of seeing Wendy Ida speak in person. SHE is a WOMAN on FIRE! I had my photo taken with her and talked to her briefly; all the while I was blown away by her radiant youthful beauty. I stumbled on my sentences because I was so mesmerized by her energy, her story and her ageless appearance. If you ever have the opportunity to hear her speak, GO! She will rock your world!”

~ Dustina Alley – Fan

“Motivating, driven, powerful and inspiring, Wendy tackles real changes with easy solutions. I loved it!”

~ Dr. Zari Alipour, Ph.D.

Les Brown“Because of her courage and hunger to change her life Wendy has overcome negativity and tragedy and has now found a way to empower other people.”

~ Les Brown, Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author

“Hearing Wendy speak was truly an inspiration. She really gave me a new tank of oxygen that says obtaining whatever I wish is more than possible. Her light has made a difference in the dark corners of my life.”

~ Kathleen Flier – Fan

Cindy Popp“Wendy is motivating and gets straight to the point. I had so many “ah-ha” moments that now I’m confident I can make positive changes too!”

~ Cindy Popp, Producer/Director, The Bold and The Beautiful

“Wendy is motivating and very inspirational! I can see that she walks her talk. What I love most however is the fact that you can tell she really cares about you and your progress! Her energy, her passion and drive lights a fire under my butt and makes me step it up to be better I am so blessed to have crossed her path!”

~ Christina White – Fan

Michelle Patterson“I am pleased to recommend Wendy Ida as a speaker for any audience or organization. As President and CEO of Women’s Network, I have with pleasure asked Wendy to speak at several events hosted by our organization and each time have found her to be a very dynamic and powerful speaker.

Wendy’s knowledge and expertise set her well above others in her profession because she is not only personable and relatable, but she can effectively translate her message and inspire a crowd to action and sometimes tears. I would hire her again and again any day because she is so motivating, definitely speaks from the heart and creates an experience for everyone she addresses every time she speaks
In short, Wendy Ida is the real deal and is dedicated to helping her audiences to improve their lives. I am sure you will find her equally impressive…”

~ Michelle Patterson, President & CEO Women Network

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