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Wendy Ida is a dynamic speaker

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Wendy Ida is a dynamic speaker


What Other People are Saying

Wendy Ida on stage

“We Are Never Defeated Unless We Give Up”


Michelle Patterson“I am pleased to recommend Wendy Ida as a speaker for any audience or organization. As President and CEO of Women’s Network, I have with pleasure asked Wendy to speak at several events hosted by our organization and each time have found her to be a very dynamic and powerful speaker.

Wendy’s knowledge and expertise set her well above others in her profession because she is not only personable and relatable, but she can effectively translate her message and inspire a crowd to action and sometimes tears. I would hire her again and again any day because she is so motivating, definitely speaks from the heart and creates an experience for everyone she addresses every time she speaks
In short, Wendy Ida is the real deal and is dedicated to helping her audiences to improve their lives. I am sure you will find her equally impressive…”

~ Michelle Patterson, President & CEO Women Network

Les Brown“Because of her courage and hunger to change her life Wendy has overcome negativity and tragedy and has now found a way to empower other people.”

~ Les Brown, Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author

Cindy Popp“Wendy is motivating and gets straight to the point. I had so many “ah-ha” moments that now I’m confident I can make positive changes too!”

~ Cindy Popp, Producer/Director, The Bold and The Beautiful

Dustina Alley“I had the pleasure of seeing Wendy Ida speak in person. SHE is a WOMAN on FIRE! I had my photo taken with her and talked to her briefly; all the while I was blown away by her radiant youthful beauty. I stumbled on my sentences because I was so mesmerized by her energy, her story and her ageless appearance. If you ever have the opportunity to hear her speak, GO! She will rock your world!”

~ Dustina Alley – Fan

“Motivating, driven, powerful and inspiring, Wendy tackles real changes with easy solutions. I loved it!”

~ Dr. Zari Alipour, Ph.D.

“Wendy is motivating and very inspirational! I can see that she walks her talk. What I love most however is the fact that you can tell she really cares about you and your progress! Her energy, her passion and drive lights a fire under my butt and makes me step it up to be better I am so blessed to have crossed her path!”

~ Christina White – Fan

“Hearing Wendy speak was truly an inspiration. She really gave me a new tank of oxygen that says obtaining whatever I wish is more than possible. Her light has made a difference in the dark corners of my life.”

~ Kathleen Flier – Fan

Kathleen Flier“Wendy understands the issues facing people at midlife and we highly recommend her common sense approach to bolster a person’s self worth through nurturing healthier habits. On every page, you can “feel” her passion and belief that you can transform your health and your life … no matter what. Read her book, follow her advice and get ready to take back your life!”

~ Jeanne Peters RD & Allen Peters MD, Co-founders of the Nourishing Wellness Medical Center

Peter McCarthy“In Take Back Your Life, Wendy Ida has cracked the code about what it takes to regain and maintain a great state of health. Her comprehensive yet easy-to-understand explanations are empowering and results oriented. “Take Back Your Life” is a must read for anyone who wants to gain control of their most precious asset, their health!”

~ Peter McCarthy, CEO AHI Productions, Inc., Certified Traditional Naturopath

Wendy Ida signing copies of her books



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“We Are Never Defeated Unless We Give Up