Creating Balance During The Holidays

Creating Balance During The Holidays

Creating Balance During The Holidays
The holidays are supposed to be a special time, but if you’re anything like me, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Luckily, I can help you find the right kind of balance in your life during the holidays and get a renewed focus on what is important. If you’re ready to take the steps towards a more centered, balanced you during the holiday season, here are some things to remember.

• Plan ahead. Taking the time to prepare healthy snacks and meals that you can use later when time is more pressing can have a big impact on your daily routine during the holidays.

• Ask for help. If you’re having a get-together for the holidays, request that each person bring a dish. If that’s not your style, consider finding a family member or friend who is willing to come over and help you with the preparations.

• Master time management. Small things like setting up and sticking to a daily or weekly schedule can help you find the right kind of balance in each day, and make it much easier to stay positive.

• Keep the right mindset. Another key thing to remember is to try to stay focused on the positive aspects of the holidays and not let stress bring you down. Combine your nutrition with some meditation techniques to help keep yourself centered. This can be a huge asset!

Creating Balance During The Holidays

These are just a few tips worth considering. The holidays can be hectic, and understanding the right ways to actually enjoy them and balance out all aspects of your life is important. The tips above should help tremendously with that.  They have definitely helped me!



While everyone is scurrying about shopping, celebrating and buying holiday gifts, I want to share a special gift I received recently. This one you can’t put a value on.

I met a charming woman in Canada at an event and she shared with me her desire to improve her life and some of that improvement was to lose weight – weight she had since childhood. Shortly after the event she decided to gift herself with a better quality of life by improving her health, so she asked me for help.

The rest is history. It was on like popcorn after that! Her gift, I am proud to say, is now a reality! See for yourself below.

And Oh by the way…the fact that she is happy and her life is better is her gift to me! It inspires me more and drives me forward like a mad woman to do more because I know what that feels like.

“I’ve lost 40 lbs…
After just two weeks I couldn’t believe my energy!
I did what Wendy said and I saw the results.”


Thank you Wendy for the impact you’ve had on my life. Having more energy, better digestion, losing 40 lbs. and now having the know how to get back on the horse if I fall off is a wonderful gift to myself. Without your help, I’d still be “pleasantly plump”.

I didn’t need a gym membership and was able to workout from my home. I did what Wendy said and I saw the results. It wasn’t hard. It didn’t hurt. I did sweat and it did take will power. I wasn’t always perfect at it and still am not. But mindset is everything. The personal stories from Wendy that helped to develop my winning mindset were golden!

The biggest hurdle for me was the cost, but once I determined that the ability to get fit and stay fit was biggest priority to me at the time and that Wendy was the one that could help me, the rest was easy.

After just two weeks of being on Wendy’s program I couldn’t believe the difference in my energy level and in my digestion. My training with Wendy was long distance as she lives in California and I live in Ontario, Canada. It is amazing the ability she has to ask questions and assess my progress over the phone.

As a caregiver for my husband with Alzheimer’s and a consultant in the financial industry, I live with a constant level of stress. Often I had low energy and knowing that I was overweight too, I desired to be fit and healthy so that I could care for those who needed me most.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Wendy Ida over the past year. When I met her, I KNEW she was the one that could help me.

– Carol Dorey Trickett, Ontario, Canada – Financial Consultant