Everybody knows when it comes to health and wellness you can count on me to give it to you straight. No beating around the bush, no sugar coating, nothing but the truth! That’s how I show love. It’s only because I want you to be your best self and I want you to live those goals and dreams some of you have told me about.

Keep in mind however, that it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too. In fact, studies show that those who are having fun when exercising do it longer, more often and enjoy the many health and body benefits that come along with it.

That being said… I had to get in on the latest dance craze! The “Watch me Nae Nae” song and dance. Everybody’s gone wild! That includes me too. Buck Wild! And since I love dance as part of my cardio…Just had to do it!

C’mon and join me in my video version. It’s great cardio!



Stop these three things to cut calories in half

Are you pulling your hair out because it’s been difficult to shed the pounds? Do you think you’ve tried everything but still your weight just yo-yo’s and boomerangs back to where it started? Well there may be good reason for it. And the culprit could be right in front of your face.

So often people feel losing weight is too complicated to figure out and/or achieve because there are so many hidden things that keep them in the dark. They ultimately convince themselves that weight loss is not for them or not possible after a certain age.

The truth is, there ARE many hidden things you may not know that make it difficult to lose weight, but there are also some very common and often overlooked habits many people have that add huge calories back onto you. So why not start there chipping away the pounds where it is so obvious.

I have a long list of things I could rattle off, but let me cut to the chase and just tell you what my 3 biggest calorie hoarders are because you could be doing some of them right now!

You can almost cut your calories in half if you eliminate these three things →

Wendy’s Fit Fax Tips!

You can almost cut your calories in half if you eliminate these three things

    1. Alcohol – People drink socially, while entertaining, as a nightcap to help them settle down at the end of the day or even out of habit. This is a huge calorie mogul. One often forgets or doesn’t realize how much they have even consumed when they are having a good time or caught up in meaningful conversation.
      It easily packs on the pounds and without thinking you can pack on thousands of calories in just a few hours. There is something to be said about very moderate wine consumption versus the weekend “binge” model of drinking that often dominates Friday happy hours nationwide.
      Instead, try replacing the alcohol with Perrier water that has a fizz to it and add lemon, lime or other fancy fruits to the side of your glass.


    1. Coffee – OMG! Now of course we are not talking about a regular cup. No! I am talking about the Starbucks kind of coffee. They really started the big boom of the fancy calorie laden coffee. There are zillions of calories in one of those mocha-latte-caramel-whipped-cream-venti-crazyccino things. Don’t get caught up in the fancy names, flavors and fancy cups.
      Instead, ditch the calorie-filled, whipped cream fancy coffee, (that I call a dessert) and ditch the Venti cup too. Have an average size cup, sip slowly and hold the cream and extra additives.


  1. Soda – Is just bad for your body all the way around. It’s used to destroy battery acid on your car for one thing. – If that’s true then what is it doing to your body? Hmmm… It also dumps tons of sugar into your system and promotes weight gain around your middle.
    Instead, replace soda with some iced tea. Eliminating soda is not only a great way to lose weight but also it will begin reducing the size of your stomach.

So just begin working on these three things to give yourself a running start. If you are consuming any of these on a regular basis reduce the amount you take in by fifty percent and move on to having them only once a week if you must have them at all.

On the other hand, continue your workouts but… remember to make it all work, you have to go beyond the cardio and weight training. If you have ever seen a person or you are that person (you may even be a group exercise instructor) who works out hard but the weight doesn’t change, it’s because of your lifestyle and nutrition habits.

EVERYTHING has to be in alignment at the same time or it doesn’t work. Otherwise your hard work will go unnoticed. Why? Because…YOU CAN’T OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET!