Spring is here already and it’s bathing suit season. Yes, it has sneaked up on you again! So let’s crank up the body and shift into gear if you haven’t done so already.

Winter kind of takes it’s toll on you especially in the Eastern parts of the country. People are generally more sedentary and tend to find comfort on a regular basis with a warm blanket or warm body and some hot cocoa as a coping tool. But, it packs on the pounds BIG TIME! I’ve been there and done that believe me! I grew up on the East Coast.

Here’s the good news! IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Yes, there’s still time to get your body out of hibernation and out on the beach! But you’ve got to push through the rest of this month and into the next to keep your body in motion. Don’t worry…I’m with you all the way!

In fact, let me re-ignite the fire under your butt with this video.

Warning the video will end after a few minutes, but that is your cue to keep going! ☺

Now is the time to make things happen! Now is what matters! Now you can change your body and “TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!”

Are you in? THEN LETS DO THIS!


Lets stay on track with these small adjustments. Remember every little step you take winds up being a HUGE JUMP! That means significant improvements for you!

  1. Watch the video included in this section and work with me.
  2. Find a trainer or coach that will design a custom weight-training program for you. Here’s what it should include:
    1. A core program design that will engage your entire body.
    2. Instruction on proper form and technique to avoid injury and assist you functionally.
    3. Scheduled flexibility exercises that fit your lifestyle
  3. Cut your meal portion amounts by ONLY 25% this month.

commentSo are you ready? If so great! If not, why not? What’s holding you down?

Who is the OTHER WOMAN in your LIFE?

Who is the OTHER WOMAN in your LIFE?

Have you been celebrating this month? If not, you still have time. This is the month to celebrate women! Even though March 8th is technically International Women’s Day, I’ve taken the liberty of celebrating the entire month with special recognition to women. I just think we deserve it, that’s all! All around the world, International Women’s Day represents an opportunity to celebrate and recognize women and their achievements. It’s a great way to honor women.

Have you given thought to how you should honor yourself and/or that special woman in your life? As I think back, I realize that I had support in many different ways from women along the way. They lifted me up (and some tore me down), guided me, offered a kind word or two and sometimes just held me while I cried. ALL were important lessons. Some stayed in my life for a while and others for only a minute, but ALL were significant and contributed to who I am today. I am so grateful. Now I get to pay it forward. And for me that’s what it’s all about.

I want to pay special tribute to a special lady who happens to be one of my clients who just completed my year-long program. I also want to share her testimony. It’s powerful and speaks volumes as to the strong woman she is and is yet to become.

She sent me two-dozen blue roses and the following email:

Wendy, I absolutely adore you and look forward to working with you again when the time is right. You’ve set the foundation for the rest of my life! And these other trainers can’t hold a candle to you…STRAIGHT UP! See my recommendation letter below:
With Love…JJ

before-after Jamessa Jones

Before – 187lbs | After – 145lbs
JJ’s not ready to show her face yet in the before photo
I’m hoping one day she will be…

Letter of Recommendation for Mrs. Wendy Ida:

For those of you who have yet to experience what Wendy has to offer hold tight and get excited for your opportunity!

Wendy is absolutely one of the most dynamic, insightful, and as you most likely already know, beautiful women I have ever had the privilege of meeting!

As a founder and VP of Talent Acquisition for ImagineIT INC, I interact with hundreds of people yearly from around the planet. My position provides me a unique perspective into people types, what motivates them, and even more importantly…what they have to contribute to our world. Wendy Ida is someone divinely appointed and perfectly equipped to deliver her many gifts.

So how did I find Wendy? Near my 40th birthday I began feeling less than excited about my life. As one of those A++ personality types I was drained from imbalances I’d allowed by overexerting myself professionally and personally. I needed a boost and started searching. Somehow, I stumbled on her book, Take Back Your Life. I read it end-to-end and immediately reached out to schedule our first consult. From call one I knew I was on to something extraordinary. Still, my intent was to attend a few 1:1s, learn some exercises, and continue on my own. A year and a half later I’ve only just moved on from consistent 3x weekly 1:1 sessions, kept Wendy on speed dial, and I’m now strutting across stages with the fittest of the fit in bedazzled bikinis winning first place trophies at muscle contests. Not bad for a new hobby;). In all I’ve enjoyed exponential growth in all areas of wellness; my confidence is through the roof, and I’ve learned to cultivate an inexhaustible source of power. You can too if you trust Wendy with you!!

Since completing my first round of training with Wendy I’ve spent more than a bit of time trying to nail down exactly what she did to bring me away from that funk I was heading for. Was it something specific she said? An exercise she taught that somehow unblocked a clogged channel inside? Was it the motivation she imparted when I realized this 60+-year-old beauty could out do me in any squat, burpee, press, lift or other routine she created for me? Yes, yes, yes, and then some…

During our training I was also being mentored emotionally and challenged to mature as a woman, mother, and wife. WHAT?! When did she sneak that in? I recall countless instances where Wendy helped me identify and conquer perceived challenges to my physical/muscle development…challenges that truthfully had little or nothing to do with my physicality. Her approach to fitness/coaching is a comprehensive one. Though you may connect with a specific goal in mind, Wendy can tailor your program to include everything necessary for continued success. You just need to trust her, be honest, and follow her instructions impeccably. Trust her wealth of experiences as a wellness consultant; nutritionist, fitness champion, Guinness Book World record holder, motivational speaker, actress, world traveler, and model (to name a few). These achievements provide her sensibilities and insight few in her field can offer. Wendy will deliver BIG TIME!

She’ll teach you to care for your body beginning with the way you think. She will also provide you a sustainable foundation of knowledge and confidence to support and encourage continued growth when you’re ready to move on. Folks, this woman is truly a Goddess among mortals. I am so thankful to have invited her into my life. I hope you do too!

Designed by Wendy…Jamessa Jones

Thank you for sharing Jamessa. I am open to receive this gift and the two-dozen blue roses you sent.

My thoughts are, you got results because you made the decision, you sought support and you followed through – that’s a WIN in my book!


  1. Give that special someone a long time coming compliment or show of your appreciation or affection while there’s still time. My mom used to say, give me my flowers while I’m alive. I can’t smell them when I’m gone.
  2. Celebrate yourself. You are valuable! Book an appointment at a spa or salon. Step back and take time to smell the coffee. Honoring the beautiful woman that you are is important to your well-being.
  3. Find encouragement through affirmations, positive people & motivational material. Also, join my coaching program to learn how to Take Back Your Life and be your best you.

commentCan you name at least one person that has impacted your life? What was that experience like?

Do You Feel Sluggish and Don’t Know Why?

Do You Feel Sluggish and Don’t Know Why?

women-at-work-mid-termIs your energy a 10 yet? I sent you a video last week to re-ignite that spark you had in the beginning of the year. You know…the healthy new goals you set for yourself. I hope you were motivated to move along with me in the video and keep it going long after. Well, the idea is to stay focused on your goals by powering through March like you’re on a mission. Because the next time you blink people will be walking around in bathing suits, and I know you want to be there too. I know you do.

Like Michael Jackson says, “I wanna be where you are oh! I wanna be where you are oh oh!” ☺

I know, I know…I can hear you saying: “Easier said than done”. Right? I get that. Sometimes it goes a little deeper than merely saying, “Just do it” (like Nike says). Well let’s explore why it’s harder for some folks.

The fact is, so many people, especially this winter, are moving slowly and wondering why they don’t have energy. They have no energy to get out of bed, exercise, do their job, or go the extra mile. They just don’t feel up to doing much of anything let alone exercising. Am I peeping your card?

If this sounds like you, one of many reasons could be the culprit. Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, chronic stress, and some medications are examples of big energy sappers. So, it’s important to put yourself in check with these things first to fix the sluggish behavior. If that doesn’t do the trick, plan a visit to your doctor to get more answers.

There are so many other things that could make you sluggish. Something more unusual that has come to my attention recently, which also saps your energy, is “leaky gut syndrome” (LGS). It is still a bit of a medical mystery and difficult to diagnose, but could be something else to check into if you are still experiencing low or no energy. Other symptoms of LGS besides the aches, pains and energy loss are bloating, cramping and gas. According to Dr. Linda A. Lee, Gastroenterologist and director of the John Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center, studies have shown that some of the causes of “leaky gut syndrome” are stress related along with lifestyle and nutrition being huge contributors.

The message here is, to be careful and address any issues immediately, because if anything goes untreated, all of these things can compound and lead to other things if you don’t address what’s going on and how you are feeling.

Don’t think that feeling tired and sluggish is normal. And don’t think that it’s your age that makes you feel tired either. That’s just in your head. So get out of your head, get out of bed, and let’s get busy!

Wendy’s Fabulous Fit Fax Tips!

do thisTo get you started try some of the following things. You won’t feel sluggish once you do the repairs your body needs.

  1. Remove foods and components that are damaging and replace with better choices one food item at a time. (For example, replace soda with ice tea, ice cream for yogurt, etc.)
  2. Add healing foods – Stay close to or eat raw and organic foods whenever possible. Many regular grocery stores now have an organic section that is generally better priced than places like Whole Foods.
  3. Reduce stress – Meditation is a great source for controlling stress. Also, get more sleep, have more fun, and get your groove on.

So let the healing begin so we can get you up and moving again!

Feel free to contact me if you need support or have any questions.

commentMy question to you is:
What is YOUR BIGGEST challenge?

Re-ignite that spark in your flame!

Re-ignite that spark in your flame!

wendy-beachAre you still on track this week with your goals? You know…the promises you made to yourself at the end of the year – more commonly known as New Year’s Resolutions. I always hear a lot of chatter in the gyms with the regulars, who we call gym rats, about how they hate when the gyms get so crowded in January and February because of the “New Year people.” What they also say is that they can’t wait for March to get here so the gym can clear, like it does each year, and they can hog up all the good stuff (machines) for themselves. They know those same “New Year” people generally give up, go home and stay there simply because they lose site of why they were there in the first place.

I say, don’t pay them any mind and by all means don’t let them win! Besides, it’s your gym too. Right? So don’t lose site now! You deserve this just as much as they do! Fight back by showing your presence regularly and just do your thing for you! Continue through all of March and the months to follow! Now if you are having trouble with your accountability or don’t know what to do next let me know and I will whip your booty into shape. Promise! ☺

It’s March and day light-savings time is here early this year! That means that spring is right around the corner, too. Use this month as a mile marker to get your second wind. Change it up this year so you can stick to the plan. Your plan, Your goals, Your dreams depend on it. Or don’t hesitate to contact me and I will show you how to re-invigorate yourself by finding that new something that will keep you on track and excited about making your vision a reality.

In the meantime, let me be the spark in your flame baby! Try out my new favorite moves in this video. It will ignite the fire within you once again! See the video below. But remember to keep it going long after the video ends because…

“Your spark can become a flame and change everything!”
– Ed Nixon

Wendy’s Fabulous Fit Fax Tips!

Start with some of these tips to keep it going in March and saddle up your shoelaces to really hit it hard now. You’ll be glad you did when summer gets here.

  1. Review your vision board to remember why you set new goals for yourself. If you don’t have one, make one and review it often especially when you are tempted to veer off to a less than healthy habit.
  2. Buddy up with a friend, co-worker or relative to keep you company this month and challenge each other in some of your activities.
  3. Add some new music to your selections to spice up your workouts.

Now you know what to do so go out and kick butt.

commentAre you still on track? If not, what actions have you chosen to take this year that will be different from last year to get you closer to the win? Let me know?