How to Lose Weight By Changing Your Mood

How to Lose Weight By Changing Your Mood

Most people these days are familiar with the importance of losing or maintaining weight. All of us know that junk food, over eating and late night snacking are key factors that help in either gaining or losing weight. But only a few of us know the importance of our mood and the role it plays in weight gain or loss. A typical example is if you are stressed, you might tend to not eat at all. Or if you are having a hectic day you might choose to feed your exhaustion or mood with junk food. To help you avoid those traps, let me give you a few key points that can help better your mood — which can directly lead to weight loss.
Aromatherapy has proven to be of great help when it comes to soothing your mood and weight loss. Aromas that can help you in soothing your nerves are orange, peppermint, vanilla and grapefruit. So have these oils with you and pour a few drops in a handkerchief.  Then whenever you’re not feeling so great, just sniff the handkerchief. It will calm your nerves and sooth your mood. Then perhaps you won’t eat out of stress.
Avoid Negative Company
Every person has an aura of energy, if you are surrounded by people who are stressed, tense or confused then you are more likely to be influenced by their energy as well.  It can change your mood and quite possibly prevent you from reaching your health and fitness goals.  So if these kinds of people surround you, then it is important to limit their presence and try to surround yourself with people who emit positive energy. Once you have healthier energy and your mood is better, you are more likely to stick with your goals.
Think Positive
In life, it’s your attitude that plays the biggest role in being an achiever.  If you have doubts or think you may fail, then you probably will.  It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Somewhere along the way you sabotage your plans, goals and yourself.  On the other hand if you embark on a weight loss campaign with a “Can Do” attitude you’re more likely to achieve what you set out to do. So think positive and it will soothe your mood. It will also help you to live in the moment while accomplishing each task successfully and therefore create a winning outcome.
The New “You”
To stay motivated and in good spirits envision what you would look like after you lose weight.   Find an old picture of yourself that you wish to resemble once again or a current day hero you want to look like.  Once you set that image in your head, imagine what you will be wearing and even how you will smell in it.  You can even make or buy an outfit in a smaller size to serve as a reward when you reach your goal weight.  This will help you de-stress and keep you motivated towards your goal.
So the next time you decide to set new weight loss goals try to adopt some of these tips and tricks to render you a higher success rate.  While medical and genetic history can play a part in weight gain or loss there is also no doubt that mood is a proven mainstay and directly proportional to your weight loss. The more you keep calm, the more you will have control over your weight!
How to Get Kids Active

How to Get Kids Active

Physical activity is equally important for both grown ups and children if they want to lose or maintain their weight. A majority of kids spend more than 20 hours per week watching TV, on the web or playing video games which doesn’t leave much time for physical activity. And even though you give them a chance to do some physical activity, they often avoid it because it does not trigger their interest. So the best thing to do is include some of their favorite things in simple activities and it will sooner rather than later get your kids off the couch. For example, your kids will be exercising as well as loving the activity by just following some of these tips!

  1. Take the Dog for a walk: Kids love pets! A good way to turn this love for pets into a physical activity is to get them a dog. Prior to getting them the dog, make a deal with them that it’s their responsibility to take it on walks. You can add more fun to this activity by getting them a Frisbee, which will keep them involved in training the dog and meanwhile they’re burning calories.
  2. Leverage their Allowance: If your kids are into earning their allowance. Then it’s your best bet to convert this allowance earning into a physical activity. Give them allowance for performing chores that require physical work, such as mowing the lawn, raking leaves, or even a car wash! What persuades kids is the outcome of the activity, and when the outcome is monetary or something tangible, then they are sure to love the activity and perform it every now and then.
  3. Lead by Example: Kids usually learn from their elders, and try to relate to their older family members. So if you are a parent and are into fitness chances are that your kid will also turn out to be a fitness conscious person. What you could do is to indulge them in your activities. Like when you go for a walk in the evening take your kid with you, and on the way you can both chat about school stories or what happened in the day. It will make your parent-child bond grow, and the kids will enjoy the walk.
  4. Theme parks: If you have an amusement park or even regular parks in your neighborhood then take your kids daily in the evening to play and mingle with kids of their own age. This will give them a chance to be both socially and physically active. Also, frequent trips to the zoo will definitely keep the kids moving!
  5. Shake a tail feather: Turn on the music and shake your body! Dancing is one of the most enjoyable and fascinating ways to burn calories. Get your kids to join you and make it a family dance, it does not need to be any specific kind of dance. Just let the kids enjoy it! As long as they keep moving your mission is being accomplished.

Children have very active minds, and this is the phase of life where you can turn them into a couch potato or a fitness fanatic. Parents can make all the difference in how they can be.  Remember there are tons of other ways to get your child active that ride the line of fitness and leisure. So be creative, and most of all, have fun!

What Happens When You Overeat

What Happens When You Overeat

Even without being a doctor or health industry professional, it’s not hard to understand eating-too-muchthe relationship between overeating and health disorders. It’s easy to look around during your day and find evidence of the nation’s growing obesity epidemic to understand what happens when you over consume in general. On a smaller scale we wonder about the over consumption of just certain kinds of foods? What happens when you overdo it with sweets?

  • Sugar: There are all kinds of health issues related to over consumption of sugar. Diabetes would be the number one health concern. But, diabetes is not the only ill effect from over consumption of sugar. Obesity, thyroid dysfunction, kidney malfunction, and intestinal problems can all be directly associated with too much sugar consumption.
  • Alcohol: What about too much alcohol? The ravaging effects of alcoholism are a continual struggle and medical expense to many companies and citizens in this country, and indeed the whole world. Lost youth, liver problems, brain deterioration, the speeding of other age-related diseases are all side affects of too much alcohol consumption.
  • Malnutrition: Then, we can talk about the effects of eating too little. What happens when we do not consume what we need to maintain our health? Gum disease, heart disease, muscle deterioration, vision loss, and anorexia occur when we do not get the necessary food our body needs.

One Solution

To remedy the imbalances in our nutrition, you can take supplements. Even when we can’t consume enough actual food, we can supplement the vitamins and minerals our bodies need in order to maintain some healthy functioning. You have only to walk down the aisle at your local supermarket or pharmacy to discover that there has been a vitamin revolution. Every possible vitamin and mineral needed by the body is available in capsule, pill, tablet, or powder form.

Once your body has reached the point of unhealthy function, or you have placed such a strain on your body from over consumption that one of the related diseases has taken hold, it’s almost impossible to correct one problem without creating another. Once you have become a diabetic, there are so many complications, that simply choosing to diet and exercise is no longer an option. The health concerns you now have far outweigh the easy solution of diet and exercise. Can you begin to see how important maintaining your health is to your quality of life and how important it is to the lives of your loved ones? Your choices directly affect their quality of life too. Make every effort to maintain your health. You owe it to your children and other family and especially yourself.

Why Your Body Needs Detoxification

Why Your Body Needs Detoxification

A true body detoxification will really benefit your overall health, and it is a practice that I recommend everyone engage in. There are plenty of unknown ingredients that we come in contact with, on a daily basis, that work to destroy our bodies. Whether we know it or not, we are all victims and offenders of this harm to our bodies. On the flip side, though, there are several ways one can overcome these negative effects.  Below, I offer insight to the objectives of detoxification, and the key rewards it delivers.

Objectives of Detoxification: Our body’s main detoxification organs and systems are the liver, colon, kidneys, gallbladder, lungs, skin, lymph, and blood. They help rid the body of waste and toxins. However, our systems were designed when the world was a less polluted place. Nowadays, with a much more toxic and polluted world, our bodies are forced to work a lot harder to rid the exponentially increased waste and toxins. Once upon a time, most toxins were still from a natural source. Unfortunately, there are many man made substances that shock our systems even further.

Here’s a scenario: Imagine overworked employers who are not provided with enough food to sustain their energy and focus. This would definitely tire them out and their efficient and effective work performance will drop. This leads to work not completed on schedule or even worse – undone. We are treating our organs the same way when we don’t offer them the break they need or provide them with the proper nutrition to function at their best. This is where detoxification comes in.

Benefits of Detoxification:

  1. Cleaner Organs: Another major effect of a detoxification process is that our organs will be cleaner. Not many people think about the fact that our colon, kidneys, liver, as well as many of the other organs we have, do rigorous work day in and day out.
  2. Clears The Mind: Once our physical bodies become detoxified then our mind becomes clear and we can think and engage in mental activity better than we could before. All of these things will help us do whatever work we need to engage in throughout the week.
  3. Overcome Body Odor: Many people don’t realize that body odor can indicate the need for cleansing and detoxification is able to overcome it. Certain fragrances and deodorants can mask the problem but through cleansing, you can remove the problem from the inside out.

Besides the above mentioned key benefits, there are several other benefits of detoxification. Here are a few:

  • Reform your lifestyle addictions to sugar, salt, high glycemic carbohydrates, alcohol, junk foods, nicotine, etc
  • You purify your blood
  • It improves your Immune function
  • Cleansing scavenges free radicals and eliminates toxins.  It strengthens your body’s fight against cancer cells and generates healthy cells in your body
  • You cleanse mucous, congestion, fermentation and inflammation in your digestive tract

All these benefits are yours for the taking. Just remember, every now and then, just like cars, humans need a tune up to run efficiently. There are several detox methods out there. It’s usually a great idea to consult a physician before any intense change in your diet or routine. Also, if you experience pain or nausea during a cleanse, discontinue it immediately and consult your doctor. Whatever you do, or however you do it, cleansing your system is a must.

Exercise No-No’s for Pregnant Women

Exercise No-No’s for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a sensitive issues when it comes to women and fitness. Weight consciousPregnant Excerise Advice women tend to become even more conscious when they experience their body change. Not wanting to gain weight, they start working out — and sometimes without even consulting their doctor. Not consulting your physician and exercising during pregnancy can do more harm than good. So if you or someone you care about is thinking of implementing a work out routine during pregnancy, it is highly advised to consult your doctor to avoid any complications during pregnancy. Below are a few activities a woman should avoid during pregnancy.


  1. Exercises that involve lying or standing for a long time: After the first trimester, exercises such as sit-ups which involve lying on the back for a longtime should cease. Also activities that involve standing motionless should be discontinued until after the pregnancy. These activities decrease the flow of blood to uterus and also drop your heart rate.
  2. Exercises that impact breathing: Women, who are used to lifting light weights previously, can continue during pregnancy. But heavy lifting is prohibited. This type of strain disrupts breathing and irregularity in breathing directly affects the oxygen supply to your baby. Similarly, scuba diving is probably not a good idea either.
  3. Exercise with a risk of falling: Women who have been working out regularly before pregnancy, should re-consider their exercise routine. All activities that have a risk of falling down should be avoided. For instance, biking, skiing and horseback riding should be strictly avoided because of the high risk.
  4. Activities which can cause Trauma: Activities with flying objects or sports with the possibility of blunt contact are not for pregnant women. It is definitely better to be a distant and shielded spectator during these events. One can never be too cautious in situations that risk accidental impact on the abdominal area. So ladies let me say this loud and clear – “No more roller derby for you for a while!”
  5. Avoid exercise in hot climate: Heat and humidity can cause Mommy to overheat. Your rising body temperature is dangerous for the baby. Ask your doctor but he/she should tell you the limits on your heart rate range during pregnancy. Each woman is different.
  6. High Altitudes: Exercising at high altitudes above 6000ft during pregnancy is not advised because it reduces the oxygen flow to your baby.
  7. High impact Movement: Activities that involve bouncing, jerking and twisting should be avoided. A pregnant woman’s joints naturally loosen up as her body prepares for child birth. These activities could cause the joints to strain, making them more prone to injury.

Once again, it is strictly advised that you consult your physician before committing to any kind of exercise during your pregnancy. The effects vary from female to female, an exercise which one could do with ease, can prove to be harmful for another. You and your baby’s reactions are connected to factors such as physique, genetics, and medical history of the female. So relax ladies! Your doctor will let you know what type of gain is normal and tell you some exercises that are healthy for you during this process. Congratulations to all the New Mommies and babies!

How Social Networks Make You Lose or Gain Weight

How Social Networks Make You Lose or Gain Weight

Influential FriendsResearch in many prestigious institutions has shown that our friends, family and social network have a direct influence on whether we lose or gain weight.  Have you heard the sayings, “A man is known by the company he keeps” or “If you lay with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas”?  Friends and family are a crucial part of your life and they directly influence the choices you make in life. As portrayed in the movie, “Social Network”,  this phenomenon helped, Mark Zuckerberg birth Facebook — paving the way for other similar online platforms. The same applies when it comes to your body size and physical appearance.

Friends keep an eye on each other: The physical presence of a friend is not necessary to influence your weight gain or loss. Even if a friend lives far away from you, they can still influence your size. Connections are often made by email, phone or social media. When browsing on Facebook, seeing a friend looking much thinner in a profile photo, can definitely inspire you to action. By phone and email, I personally have supported a family member 3000 miles away, shed 30lbs.  In turn, several of her Facebook friends, noticed a difference in her new photographs and have contacted her to find out what they might do to create the same results in their life.

Birds of a feather… : There’s another saying that I’ve heard that says, “Misery loves company.” I’d rather  view things from a more positive standpoint though.  This concept also works in reverse. When people are happy about something, generally, they’d like others to join in the joy.  Studies have proven that people who have overweight members in their circle are most likely to become overweight or already are. This is because people find comfort in company. If you see that your best friend has gained 50lb then there is a strong probability you will also gain weight. And an excuse might be, “my friend has gained 50lbs, so no biggie if I’ve gained 20lbs”. This is how relativity tends to work within social networks. It works both ways, if your closest buds are fit or are losing pounds, then you will most definitely follow suit. You’ll possibly join the same gym or share diet plans with each other.

Friends and hobbies: Friends directly influence your activity involvement. You are most likely to adopt their hobbies. You know how groups of friends come together for poker or movie nights?  Well, if you’re looking to make a difference in your physical well being, how great would it be if your group of friends are much more active.  Perhaps a new sports activity could keep everyone’s blood pumping. There are many options, like: bowling, paintball or  a simple, brisk, scenic walk. Try to surround yourself with people that inspire you.  And don’t forget that YOU can inspire others too.

Humans are social creatures and tend to follow each other seeking social acceptance. The main reason why some of the weight loss programs are very successful is because they create interactive social environments for people. Remember how much friends matter. They influence your physical condition as dominantly as junk food, overeating or genetics.  My question for you: Is your social network leading you to FAB or FLAB?