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The Body You Want IS Possible!

Take Back Your Body: An 8-Week
On-line Coaching/Training Program

*Which includes 4 private & personal training Skype calls with Wendy Ida! 

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It doesn’t matter how much weight you have to lose, or how hopeless you feel, you can get the results you want by training with Wendy Ida… from the comfort of your own home!

How do I know the body you dream of is possible? I’ve been where you are, struggling, feeling unattractive, and ready to give up… AND I’ve reinvented myself on the other side as a grandmother with 2 Guinness World Records in fitness!

So, if you want to recapture your youth, restore your health, & take back your body… this program is for you.

Keep reading, because you are about to discover a cutting edge fitness program for women over 40 that REALLY WORKS… from a grandmother!

It’s NOT your imagination. Your body really ISN’T the same as it was 20 years ago. Childbearing, old injuries, menopause, medications and metabolism changes have profound effects on your body’s strength, stamina and appearance.

Maybe you choose your clothes each morning based on hiding your upper arms, thighs or belly. The workout or the sport that left you energized and relaxed just a few years ago now leaves sore muscles and joint twinges.

Even sex seems like just another thing to check off on the ‘to do’ list before you can fall asleep.

And food? Food is not your friend, as everything you eat sticks to your hips.


Do you dream of…

  • Looking good naked
  • Attracting your ideal partner, or pleasing your current one
  • Feeling ten times the energy you do now
  • Shopping for a dress and not feeling embarrassed when you tell the sales lady your size
  • Looking at your clothes and loving all the options you have to show off your gorgeous body
  • Looking down at your body and feeling genuinely pleased with yourself, and even a sense of real LOVE and APPRECIATION for your body?

Most women simply stay stuck where they are, struggling along. Things are bad, but not quite bad enough to change. Or they’ve lost hope after a string of failures. It’s easier to try and numb yourself than go for full-on real transformation.

But true transformation is the ONLY thing that will make you feel better!

The good news is, you CAN feel energized again with fewer or no muscle aches. You CAN love your body, feel sexy and develop lean muscles that look great. You just need to learn how to do things a little differently than you did when you were younger. That’s all.

If you:

  • Are over 40 and find that your body is not looking, feeling or functioning the way it used to…
  • Tried lots of diets and just can’t keep the WEIGHT OFF…
  • Feel tired, stressed, frustrated or unmotivated
  • Dream of enjoying a fabulously fit, strong and sexy body…
  • Have gone off track and you want answers on how to get back on track
  • Want to find a way to live a healthy life and keep the weight off for good…AND
  • You want Wendy Ida’s expert support that means you will never fail again!


Wendy will help you get out of your unhealthy comfort zone. Wendy made the connection between good health and achieving one’s dreams. Her Take Back Your Life program will require that you make the decision that you want to live! Wendy has overcome negativity and tragedy because she had the hunger and courage to change her life. Now she has found a way to empower others!”

~ Les Brown, Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author

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I’m so happy you found this page, because I designed this program with you in mind. It’s my greatest passion to help women just like you, finally achieve your dream body.

I don’t care how many times you’ve failed in the past. This is a new day. Everything you dream of for yourself is possible! 

I help women recapture their youth, restore their health, and take back their bodies, as I have done with mine.

The truth? I was a victim of Domestic Violence for 13 years. There came a time when I fled my marriage, packed my kids in the car, and we escaped with just the clothes on our backs.

My transformation didn’t happen overnight. Gradually, I began to wake up. I realized I didn’t want to be overweight and unhappy. I began to realize I lacked self-love and confidence. So I decided to take back my body, and take back my life!

My fitness journey began when I was 43 years old. I decided to learn everything there was to know about feeling great, looking great, and empowering myself. And I set some pretty serious goals.

I found a fitness mentor and lost 80 pounds. I got strong. I soared from despair to triumph as an 8 time Fitness Champion, 2 time Guinness World Record holder and Best-Selling Author.

At 65, I tend to shock people with my youth, energy and picture of health. That’s what makes me different. That’s how I KNOW, with the right support, you can do it, too! 

People often just assume I look good at 65 because of my genes. Let me tell you, it isn’t so. I have a success system, and I work at it. That’s the ONLY reason I am where I am today, and it’s THE reason I know you can get there, too. 

In me, you will have an 8-time Fitness Champion & Guinness World Record holder as your personal coach and guide. I know the pitfalls and challenges on the road to getting the body you want, and I will take your hand and show you EXACTLY how to get the lasting results you’re after.

My journey has taken me from despair to triumph by reinventing myself in many ways.  Today I am privileged to be a best-selling author, a professional speaker and a life reinvention strategist.

I speak to the needs of women whose lives have spun out of control due to the physical changes that occur during midlife and other major life transitions that leave women feeling unattractive and powerless.

Unlike other coaches out there, I lay out no excuse zones, introduce unique life adaptations, and I empower you with fun mental games and challenges to help you to rediscover your sexy and take back your life.

Let me tell you this: we have FUN together! I call it, “The Fun Factor”. Because the truth is, if this journey isn’t fun, you aren’t going to want to take it! So I prioritize enjoyment and fun for you in our time as you take back your body.

I share my own life experiences, including stories, tips and tricks that have enabled me to consistently reinvent myself, perform better, and feel my very best. I create a safe space for you to usher in the changes you wish to see in your life become a reality.

Yes, it’s about taking back your body, but it’s also a whole lot more than that. This is about you taking back your power. This is about you regaining control. This is about you LOVING yourself and the skin you’re in!

Experience full-spectrum mind-body support as you take back your life!

This Program is For You if You:

  • Want to see REAL results that last
  • Are ready for the empowerment that comes with taking back your body – no matter what your age may be
  • Feel willing to put in the work to have the transformation you long for
  • Would like to lose those extra pounds and keep them off FOR GOOD!
  • Long for the support you need to make changes
  • Realize you don’t want to go another day without feeling great about yourself!

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Here’s What You’ll Experience:

Week 1
Solutions to Jumpstart your Success

If you find it difficult to take that first step towards a better, fitter and healthier life you are NOT ALONE! This important first session digs deep to expose the simple truths on why we fail to reach our dreams and goals. I will give you my no-excuse fix it forever tips to get the body you want and health you deserve. I’ll be preparing you to be ready for anything life throws at you so that you handle it with grace and resilience!

You’ll discover:

  • How to prepare your mindset and your body for exercise
  • The truth about foods that cause your belly to grow in unwanted ways and my advice on how to reduce it
  • The best type of activity and weight training exercises that will get you started on the right foot


Week 2
Pushing Past Your Obstacles

So often when we’re trying to turn over a new leaf or stand by our resolutions, life sends us its biggest tests. Whether you’ve heard bad news, or your body’s strength, stamina and appearance was profoundly effected over the years through old injuries, childbearing, menopause, medications and metabolism changes, this module will give you success tools and realistic action plans to catapult you forward in spite of the lemons life hands you. It will easily jumpstart you to long-term success and keep you consistent on your journey towards taking back your body!

You’ll discover:

  • How to stop the yo-yo syndrome, stay on track and follow through with your workout program
  • Easy and fun breakfast meals that maximize your workout
  • A strength training workout on three different levels – beginners, intermediate or advanced


Week 3
Striving toward Success

There are huge traps that prevent people from reaching their goals, but here’s a secret: Nobody (and I mean nobody!) is talking about the Granddaddy Trap of them all. It causes 95% of ALL people to fail and even some to fall into clinical depression. You get the whole blueprint here on how to avoid that trap forever. All wrapped up in some fun together!

You’ll discover:

  • What it takes to survive, thrive and become your own success story!
  • Smart lunch ideas
  • Workout combinations to step up your endurance


Week 4
Shortcuts to SEXY Results

If hormonal issues have you feeling down or if your energy lacks luster, this is a week you’re going to LOVE! You will learn how to think outside the box so you can feel youthful again and also what it takes to speed up the metabolism and burn body fat while you sleep. I will teach you how to get a grip on your hormones before, during and beyond menopause. Do you remember feeling like a sexy goddess at one point in your life? Would you like to get that feeling back? Get the crucial factors that help you feel sexy and look good naked.

You’ll discover:

  • How to get your groove back, spruce up your life and have fun again
  • Smart dinner meals that will enhance your body and improve your workouts
  • Core strengthening exercises that will drastically improve your life


Week 5
Fun Mental Fitness Secrets

Becoming fit isn’t just in your body – it’s in your mind. You will learn the sure shot way to reach your dreams and you’ll understand how to reroute your body and mindset when reality throws you off track. It will keep your body moving and improving faster forever. I’ll also give you my super-satiating, tongue-pleasing snacks under 100 calories!

You’ll discover:

  • Positive ways to reinforce healthy habits even with a busy schedule
  • What, Where and When to enjoy a snack
  • The workout that cuts to the chase to build a better body and help you perform at your highest level to achieve the greatest results


Week 6
Bring on the Motivation!

So many people find it difficult to get motivated or have started an exercise program before, but can’t stay motivated to continue. If that’s YOU, then this week is your perfect antidote.  It will help you resolve these issues and put you in the driver’s seat of your life.

You’ll discover:

  • Fun ways to jump start your motivation and increase your energy
  • How to make smart choices when eating out
  • Add-ons to your workouts that build more shape and muscle


Week 7
Self-Sabotage and Outside Influences

Getting in shape is about you, and also how you deal with what’s around you. Creating a harmonious environment is imperative to your success. That means where you live, where you work and other places you visit INCLUDING the people in that space. I’ll share creative, inspiring ideas for staying motivated, feeling confident and preparing well to handle ANYTHING!

You’ll discover:

  • How to avoid negativity and outside influences
  • How to recognize self-sabotaging behavior and other factors that impede your progress
  • How to step up your workouts and track improvement


Week 8
Long-Term Health and Support

Our focus here is on a combination of how you can remain compliant to yourself when it comes to your health — and feel supported on that journey. You’ll learn how to recognize your personal needs and how to move forward with that discovery to make well-informed decisions for your long-term health. The mission is to help you come full circle to understanding your body, your purpose and how to fully Take Back Your Body!

You’ll discover:

  • What it takes to turn old habits into good habits and permanent change
  • Supportive strategies to take you into your new future
  • Smart ways to diminish annoying food cravings

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How it Works:

The ELITE EXPERIENCE is an 8-Week On-line Fitness Coaching and Training success program for anyone anywhere that would like to lose weight, learn how to burn excess body fat while you sleep, and eat foods that promote weight loss.

This power packed multimedia 8-week coaching program includes:

  • Full body circuit workouts
  • Mindset and lifestyle coaching with Wendy to keep you on track and accountable
  • Nutritional guidance to work on your fitness and beauty from the inside out
  • A core workout
  • Personal video demonstrations of exercises by Wendy to make sure you know how to do the moves correctly
  • Delicious meals, menus and snacks
  • And more!



  • Unlimited email access for 30 days
  • 4 private coaching sessions with Wendy


“Limited Time Only”

This Special Bonus:

  • Wendy Ida’s 5 In-home Training Videos ($67 value) which includes:


VIDEO #1 – Back to the Basics

Find out how the ‘Take Back Your Life’ System works. You’ll get to know Wendy a little better, and she gets you started with important basics so you can use this fitness time for maximum benefit.

VIDEO #2 – Balance and Safety

Get the most out of your Take Back Your Life Workout through form, balance and safety so you can enjoy fitness for the rest of your life.

VIDEO #3 – Nutrition and Outlook

Find out how Nutrition and Outlook work together. Learn how to fuel yourself with positive thoughts as well as good food that build your body. Also discover the importance of your attitude, setting reasonable expectations and what to do when you feel frustrated.

VIDEO #4 – Cardio!

Wendy really gets you moving with a great cardio routine. You won’t want to miss the fun, and the good feelings that follow! Sleep deeper, burn fat while you sleep, and release anxiety all through a good healthy cardio session.

VIDEO #5 – Strength Training Secrets

Wendy shares an original strength training routine created just for this In-Home Training series. She’ll show you moves that you can do anywhere, without any special equipment. You’ll have so much fun!


So now you’re probably wondering, “What’s this going to cost me?”

Think about it this way: how much will it cost you NOT to enroll in this program, in terms of time spent in discontent, longing for a body shape you love but not knowing how to get it?

How much will it cost you NOT to enroll, while you continue to live life in your current pattern, with your current way of thinking – which isn’t getting you any closer to what you want?

Are you ready to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE AND BODY and FINALLY start enjoying the body you’ve always dreamed of?

Let me ask you this:
How much is loving the skin you’re in worth to you?
How much is feeling sexy and happy worth to you?
How much is loving your wardrobe and enjoying shopping again worth to you?
How much is being healthy as you age worth to you?

Right now, you’re paying a high price tag for being stuck where you are. Let me support you, so you can finally TAKE BACK YOUR BODY!

Register now for only $797!

Limited Space – Register Now!

Wendy Ida came through for me – big time! Who knew I could live in New York and still be cared for so dearly by Wendy Ida who is 3,000 miles away. I’ve always had coaches as I grew up playing sports. As I got older I couldn’t find the will power to be consistent with my fitness and nutrition routine. For years I thought there was no possible way to get my body where I wanted it. Once I got serious, she put together a remote training plan then motivated and held me accountable from 3000 miles away! Weekly, I found myself in awe as my body transformed, fat melted, muscles toned, co-workers gasped. I was being whistled at by adoring strangers again!”

Sky Dietrich, New York ~ Client

I love and appreciate the difference you make Wendy! Joining your coaching program is one of the best decisions I ever made. My life is so much better now. I have literally come alive again!  With your wonderful spirit and guidance my body is making changes I haven’t seen in a long time. Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!”

Tanisha ~ Client

Thank you for your assistance and trusting me with your time and knowledge Wendy. I definitely realize my stellar fortune in having you as my mentor and trainer/coach.  More than a few people are commenting/complimenting the definition they see on my legs and arms. Thank you so much!! PS. Did I mention my skin is getting better!! So happy for progress made!!!”

Jamie ~ Client


Still not sure if this Take Back Your Life Program is for you?

Check out some of Wendy’s frequently asked questions below and her answers to them:

Q: I am overweight and have always been a big girl.  How do I know if this will really work for me?  

A: I used to think that way, too. I thought it was in the genes and that I was destined to be a certain size. Not true! Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  The human body works the same for me and for you. All you need to do to make it happen is to apply the right methods and techniques that I clearly lay out for you here. What I teach you in this program is the exact same way I began. It is how I worked my way up and eventually propelled myself to where I am today. It is why I have experienced greater joys, higher heights and a better body!

My Take Back Your Life program is a great place to start in order to get your life back on track. There is no doubt in my mind, that if you follow and apply the techniques and methods you learn in this program, you will be well on your way to changing your life and your sweet body forever!

Q: As soon as I hit my 40’s it has become harder to lose the weight.  My body has stalled out and spread in 30 different weird places.  Is there any hope for me?  How do I know what program is right for me?

A: Here is what I can tell you. I specialize in how to change your body after 40 because I have lived it. I have survived because I have constantly reinvented myself. I began changing my life and body around age 42-43. Because I understand the changes your body goes through during that time, I can provide you with an exact blueprint of how I did it. I know…it feels like hell freezes over when you’re in the midst of it, but understand there is a solution.

Here is the point. We can’t work it the same way we used to. When our bodies change we too have to do things differently. We too have to find a new normal. Unlike other coaches out there, I lay out ‘No Excuse Zones’, introduce unique life adaptations and I empower you with techniques in my Take Back Your Life Program that will help you rediscover your potential.

Q: I have some chronic injuries.  How do I know if I can do your program?

A: The great thing about my Take Back Your Life Program is that I make sure that everyone (even in a group setting) gets a custom experience.  What I mean is realize that no two bodies are the same. Some have old injuries that occurred when you were younger and have come back to haunt you and some have injuries that have occurred more recently. It really doesn’t matter when it happened. The fact is, that you are dealing with some  limitations. So I address that. I deal with it by showing you the techniques on how to work around say, that knee, back or shoulder injury and others, to accomplish your intended end result.

Q: What if I don’t have the time or money to enroll in your program? 

A: First think about how many times you have put off taking control of your life and body in the past because of time or money. Think about what you have been doing is not working. You have constantly pushed it aside because you had other priorities. As a result, did things get better? Has your health improved?  In fact, things generally spin out of control or at best remain in the same humdrum rut that you have been trying to escape for years. When it comes to figuring it out, we have to invest our creative juices.

Part of Taking Back Your Life and living your dream of having a fabulously fit and healthy body is to think outside the box instead of thinking that it is based on your circumstances. Perhaps finding a way to pay for and make time for this program is a matter of first making the decision to commit and second by making you a priority instead of other things. When you are fully vested, committed and focused on what you want and how you want to change the course of your life, the creative juices will flow and the universe will respond to make it happen.

Imagine how different life could be in the years to come. If anything were possible, how would you manage to get yourself into this Take Back Your Life and Body program? How would you pay for it or find time for it? Beyond a shadow of a doubt here’s what I do know. When you experience the many benefits that will result from what you will learn in this program, the commitment, time and money you put into it will be a great trade off and worth its weight in gold. Promise!

I will show you how to OWN your future. 

wendy ida OWNThat stands for:




Once you get these three components in place, you will be unstoppable! 

Does it take more conscious effort to have the body and the life you want after age 40?
Is it impossible?
No. It’s completely possible!

The reason most people fail in their fitness goals is they don’t get the support they need to succeed over time. Creating new habits is a challenge! If it wasn’t challenging, every smoker would just immediately quit smoking, and every person who needs to lose ten pounds would just do it.

I am YOUR SUPPORT TEAM! How do I know you will succeed? With me in your corner, you won’t have a choice. But you have to be ready to take back your body and your life. You have to be truly ready to make a change, and receive the support offered to you.

wendy ida beach Why believe me?

Because I can help you look good naked.

Because I look good naked at 65 years young (just ask my husband!). I’m fit, still going strong, and feeling sexy… and I can pass that road map off to you!

Because I didn’t start working out until the age of 43, I can show you how to re-invent yourself.

Because I lost 80lbs and my results speak for themselves. I can help you get to the same place…because I don’t begin with the physical – I end with it.  I empower the mind to get the body to do what it does.

This is about a LOT more than just exercise. I give you my no-excuse mind map on how to adjust, behave, stay sane & stay healthy in real life challenges that we all face.

I believe in you, and I’m so excited to start working with you!



Here’s a Summary of What You Get in the ELITE EXPERIENCE Take Back Your Body 8-Week On-line Coaching Program:

  • Full body circuit workouts
  • Mindset and lifestyle coaching with Wendy to keep you on track and accountable
  • Nutritional guidance to work on your fitness and beauty from the inside out
  • A core workout
  • Personal video demonstrations of exercises by Wendy to make sure you know how to do the moves correctly
  • Delicious meals, menus and snacks
  • And more!



  • Unlimited email access for 60 days
  • 4 private coaching calls with Wendy


“Limited Time Only”

These Special Bonuses:

  • Wendy Ida’s 5 In-Home Training Videos  ($67 value)

Endorsements for Wendy Ida’s Book, Take Back Your Life!

“I just finished reading Take Back Your Life! Wendy Ida’s No Nonsense Approach to Health, Fitness & Looking Good Naked! I loved it! For those of us “over 40” Wendy tackles the real changes that are happening to our bodies and explains how to hit back! I found myself having “ah-ha” moments while reading her book. She understood what I was going through and was able to give me the necessary tools to make positive changes and OWN my life again. Wendy is motivating and gets straight to the point! Every woman over 40 should read this book. Now that I have more of an understanding about my body, and myself the best is yet to come! Bring it! Thank you Wendy!”

—   Cindy Popp, Producer/Director, CBS’s “The Bold and The Beautiful”

“Wendy understands the issues facing people at midlife and we highly recommend her common sense approach to bolster a person’s self worth through nurturing healthier habits. On every page, you can “feel” her passion and belief that you can transform your health and your life … no matter what. Read her book, follow her advice and get ready to take back your life!”

—Jeanne Peters RD & Allen Peters MD

Co-founders of the Nourishing Wellness Medical Center

“In Take Back Your Life, Wendy Ida has cracked the code about what it takes to regain and maintain a great state of health. Her comprehensive yet easy-to-understand explanations are empowering and results oriented. “Take Back Your Life” is a must read for anyone who wants to gain control of their most precious asset, their health!”

—Peter McCarthy, CEO AHI Productions, Inc.

Certified Traditional Naturopath

Wendy Ida (ee’da) is an internationally recognized Best Selling Author| Speaker| Life Transformation & Fitness Expert | TV Host.

At 65 years young she is also a two-time Guinness World Record Holder and 8-time award winning National Fitness Champion.  She also won the Indie literary award for her book, Take Back Your Life: My No Nonsense Approach to Health Fitness and Looking Good Naked!

Wendy Ida has achieved international recognition via commercials, exercise videos, magazines and dozens of other appearances on TV and talk radio like, NBC’s The Jeff Probst Show, CNN, Fox Sports Net, ABC News, KCAL 9, KTLA 5, B.E.T., Essence Magazine and more. She is a “Strive to Thrive” fitness expert for actors Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker and Wendy is the former Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the LA Avengers football team and Director of the Obesity Prevention Initiative Program.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Wendy has two children and is a domestic violence survivor who almost lost her life. She first began working out at age 43, lost 80 lbs. and left her corporate accounting career behind. Now she is living her purpose by teaching women (and men) around the world how to take control of their lives.

Wendy Ida is President and CEO of Wendy Ida Enterprises, a company committed to showing women how to Take Back Your Life. Wendy speaks to the needs of women whose lives have spun out of control due to the physical changes that occur during midlife and other major life transitions that leave women feeling unattractive and powerless.

She creates a safe space for a woman to usher the change she wishes to see in her life to become a reality and ultimately get the body and life she wants and deserves once and for all!

Through her coaching programs, workshops, and products, Wendy teaches her students how to reinvent themselves through empowering mind games, sexy tips, tricks and life adaptations. She also gives you the exact methods that helped her to drop four dress sizes and develop six-pack abs after age 40—and hold onto them as a grandmother.